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207 Food Terminal Plaza New Haven, CT

Lamberti's Italian Sausage

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Satisfying customers since 1946

"The best Italian sausage on the market today, still the same wonderful quality and flavor as when I was a kid!"

- William M. F. Sr.

"I have been shopping around for some really good Italian sausage for a while and ran across Lamberti's at a Stop & Shop store in Dayville, CT. I took the chance and bought some and was glad I did. It's the best I've had in years!"

- Michael R.

"This is the only brand of sausage I use when I make sausage breads / pizza or spaghetti sauce."

- Sandy D.

"The sausage is excellent! The product has been fabulous and continues to be of the same high quality."

- Carol F.

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207 Food Terminal Plaza

New Haven, CT 06511

What have you heard about New Haven's food scene?

" Not much. I love pizza. I have heard about New haven's pizza. It is quite well known. Also, there is a place down on Long Wharf that makes very good Italian sausage.

- Julia Child

Julia Julia

17 Million Pounds Later, Viggy's Going Strong

He was 14 when he started working for Lamberti's Italian Sausage. When they moved their sausage company to the New Haven Food Terminal in 1964, Vigorito came across town with them.


She said he has never taken a sick day except on two occasions when he needed hospital treatment. “My mom and dad couldn’t have asked for a better employee.”


For decades he was a full-timer at the sausage shop, but now his official work hours are Monday through Friday, 6 to 10 a.m. often he arrives at 5:30 a.m. just to hang out.


He added, “I always say I lived in the best of times. Because there was closeness. And respect. I never knew anybody’s (any adult’s) first name. It was always ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’”

He stood up abruptly and announced he was done talking about himself. “That’s enough!”


-Albert “Viggy” Vigorito

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Yale University Dining Hospitality Partnership

Yale Dining has had long standing partnerships with local businesses. Lamberti's has been making sausage in New Haven since 1946. Jay Pallotti, grandson to founder Jim and Jean Lamberti has been working with our team to provide fresh breakfast sausage, delicious Italian sausage, and he created a Nurnberger Brat for us which is AWESOME!


Likewise on another occasion, along with Yale’s master chef Ron DeSantis - one of only 67 certified master chefs in the country also partnered with Lamberti’s Italian Sausage to develop two new sausage recipes,including a chicken and a sweet potato sausage.